Ticket Booths / Toll Booths

Crowds of people visit you at Ticket Booths on a regular basis, and touch, lean on, and talk into them when they do.  Many ticket booths now have a covered window with a small opening at the bottom to exchange tickets and money, but is that really enough to protect your health?  There is still plenty of space for germs and outside contaminants to pass through that small hole.

Toll Booths are no clean place to work either.  Trucks stop and then accelerate discharging clouds of exhaust every hour spewing that exhaust gas and its harmful particles into the air and around you.  Cars that drive by and open their window to pay could be a smoker, or someone who is sick and lets those contaminants out of their window.  Unfortunately, you have to do the job of standing inside them for days on end.  So, what can we do to help out you and your fellow workers?

By installing a Safety Halo® from the ceiling above where you stand, you help provide an effective layer of protection around yourself and help protect the members of the public as well.  The Safety Halo® works by pulling the dirty germ-filled air into its housing to filter it.  It has a pre-filter at the point of entry that extracts dust particles from the air.  The air then flows through a HEPA filter element to clean out germs and other tiny contaminants.  After passing through the HEPA filter, the air then flows gently out the bottom of the Safety Halo® to create a cone of clean air around you.

This cone of HEPA-filtered air, which is gently pressurized so that it moves outward as it flows downward, helps to block the entry into itself of air exhaled by customers or drivers towards the booth.  It also captures many of the respirated particles that penetrate the cone, and as an added benefit, germs and other particles exhaled by you.

As an option to reduce maintenance and other operating costs, We Clean Air can replace the standard pre-filter and blower section in the Safety Halos® with an Air Cleaning BlowerTM (ACB).  ACBs clean and blow air without using filter media, and they remove dust, pollen, mist, rain and millions of other particles.  Hence, they move cleaned air into the HEPA element to extend its life.  By replacing the pre-filter elements in the Safety Halos®, ACBs eliminate their gradual clogging, thereby reducing the maintenance of Safety Halos® still further.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. If you have a specific application in mind, please complete our Safety Halo® Project Inquiry Form or our Air Cleaning BlowerTM Project Inquiry Form. We look forward to responding to you as quickly as possible.