Military staff and personnel are constantly being exposed to many different types of germs, dusts and debris daily. While most of them have probably built up a strong immune system, there are existing germs and new ones to come to which they are not yet immune. Yes, military personnel take the utmost precautions, but the risks they take every day, and especially those they take during the Coronavirus pandemic, are great enough that they need good protection.

Protecting staff & personnel with the Safety Halo® can significantly decrease the germs and debris that they inhale. Pulling the dirty air into its housing the Safety Halo® separates the dust, germs and contaminants from the air and then blows the clean air down onto the people and work surfaces. Having protection like this directly above the staff is extremely helpful in not only keeping them clean of dust and debris, but also helping to prevent people on either side of him or her from sharing germs.

This cone of HEPA-filtered air, which is gently pressurized so that it moves outward as it flows downward, helps to block the entry into itself of air exhaled by others toward staff as well as any dusts and particles in the air. It also captures many of the particles that penetrate the cone, and pushes them downward and safely away from the faces of the workers and their work surfaces.

Installing an Air Cleaning BlowerTM (ACB) can also have large effects on the work area by removing other particles without using any filter elements and spreading clean air throughout the room. Instead of blocking and collecting the debris with filter media, ACBs use the momentum of the particles to separate them from the air and eject them directly. The big benefit: they blow and clean air without any filter elements to buy, store, replace or dispose of. Since debris does not accumulate in the units and clog, you can count on steady airflow, air pressure and power consumption. No filter elements means no filter maintenance! They can also be used to pre-clean the air for the HEPA element in the Safety Halos® when the air is especially dirty, particularly outdoors.

Independent testing found that standard ACBs remove 98+% of all particles in the air down to 10 microns in size.  Most flying dust and sand is larger, and the smallest particles most people can see are about 50 microns, which means that ACBs remove virtually all the mass of dust in the air.  They also remove larger particles such as metal scraps and wood chips.  ACBs can be made safe for hazardous (explosive) dusts as well.

ACBs also remove rain, mist and snow from the air, which keeps the air dryer and reduces the load on air conditioners and other dehumidifying equipment.  Another benefit:  unlike filter media, they will not become wet—or freeze up—and stop air from passing through.

Potential Applications

  • Temporary or Permanent Structures
  • Field Medical Tents
  • First Responders
  • Guard Towers
  • Flying Insects
  • Dining/Grab & Go
  • Rapid Response / Front Line Medical
  • Remove CBRNE and other particles
  • Residential
  • Training Rooms
  • Utility Areas
  • Vehicle Repair
  • Keep Equipment Clean

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. If you have a specific application in mind, please complete our Safety Halo® Project Inquiry Form or our Air Cleaning BlowerTM Project Inquiry Form. We look forward to responding to you as quickly as possible.