Food Packaging

A food packaging plant should be sparkling clean and as germ-free as possible, or at least we hope it is, right?  That is where most of the food we eat comes from after all.  However, chances are it is probably not as clean as we would like it to be, even after the workers wear gowns and masks and gloves, there are contaminants floating through the air that can get into our foods and ultimately into our bodies.

Protecting employees and the food with the Safety Halo® can further decrease the number of germs to which they are exposed.  By installing a Safety Halo® from the ceiling above the worker and the conveyor and other surfaces where he or she is stationed, you provide an effective layer of protection around them and help protect nearby workers as well.

The Safety Halo® works by pulling the dirty germ-filled air into its housing to filter it.  Inside it has a pre-filter at the point of entry that extracts larger dust particles from the air.  The air then flows through a HEPA filter element to clean out germs and other tiny contaminants.  After passing through the HEPA filter, the air then blows out of the bottom of the Safety Halo® to create a cone of clean air around the staff members at their stations, which when positioned appropriately will usually also extend over and help to protect the work surfaces as well.

This cone of HEPA-filtered air, which is gently pressurized so that it moves outward as it flows downward, helps to block the entry into itself of air exhaled by others toward staff and product.  It also captures many of the respirated particles that penetrate the cone, and also germs and other particles exhaled by the workers, and pushes them downward and away from the faces of their fellow workers, their work surfaces, and the products.  In addition, the Safety Halo®‘s clean air helps dilute the total number of germs and particles in the entire area or room.

As an alternative, installing an Air Cleaning BlowerTM (ACB) can also have large beneficial effects on the work area by removing particles without using any filter elements and spreading clean air throughout the room.  Instead of blocking and collecting the debris with filter media, ACBs use the momentum of the particles to separate them from the air and eject them directly.  The big benefit:  they blow and clean air without any filter elements to buy, store, replace or dispose.  Since debris does not accumulate in the units, you can count on steady airflow, air pressure and power consumption. No filter elements means no filter maintenance!  They can also be used to preclean the air for the HEPA element in the Safety Halos® when the air is especially dirty.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. If you have a specific application in mind, please complete our Safety Halo® Project Inquiry Form or our Air Cleaning BlowerTM Project Inquiry Form. We look forward to responding to you as quickly as possible.